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  1. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    I purchased the USA lakes for just $10. The first three days of fishing here on Lake Erie, I was fishing with some friends in their boats rather than my own and being able to carry the chart around in my pocket has been marvelous. The phone's GPS told me my location and the Navionics app. provided the chart and speed. I was able to mark spots while with my friends and when my son arrived to fish with me yesterday and today, I had areas marked which held fish. Great app, especially for the price.

  2. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Well-Known Member

    Very cool! Are the maps stored on the device for off-line use? Or do you have to be close enough to shore to pick up a cell signal to get a GPS lock and map data?

  3. CAMAN

    CAMAN Well-Known Member

    Yes they are stored on the phone. The greatest part of the new app is it allows you to drag a box around the lake or lakes you want to download and it will only download those lakes instead of an entire state or area you will never visit.

    I've been using the Navionics apps for a couple years now and they are the best $10 you can spend on an app. Especially when a gps chip of the same exact information is $100+
  4. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    Yes, what CAMAN said. The detail on the chart for Kelley's Island Shoal is phenomenal. Only disappointment so far is that it was not showing the actual contour lines for the Vermilion Sand Bar. I have a 2011 actual "East" chart for my Raymarine GPS/Fishfinder and on my chip, the lines are there. But, for just $10 I can't complain too vociferously. Once the map contours are downloaded, they reside in memory on your phone.
  5. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    Just for anyone curious, this app helped my son and me to place high enough (10th) in an 80 boat tournament on Lake Erie Sunday to cash a check. I had prefished with a couple other friends earlier in the week and I marked the places where we'd caught walleyes. The day of the tournament, it came in very handy regardless of what was on the boat GPS/locator.
  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    *moved to Android Applications* since it's not really device-specific.
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