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Navionics marine charts on Nexus 7?General

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  1. RandySea

    RandySea New Member

    I am trying to figure out if I'd be able to use Navionics marine charts on a Nexus 7. Navionics was a bit unclear about this. They said I'd need to "check with Google." I'm not sure how to do this, especially since I don't have a Nexus 7 yet. Whether I buy a Nexus could depend on whether it's compatible with a marine chart program.

    Navionics wrote me:

    Navionics Mobile app for the Android Handsets and the Navionics Mobile HD apps for the Android Tablets are two separate applications. The HD applications have been optimized for use with the Android Tablets. The Mobile apps for the Android Handsets are not compatible with the Android Tablets, and vice versa. Google classifies any device under 7" as a handset, and any device over 7" as a tablet. However, devices that are 7" could be classified as either, depending on other criteria. Please check with Google to determine which type your device is classified as, to determine which Navionics App may be compatible with your device.

  2. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Gad...what a useless, even spineless, reply from Navionics.

    The Nexus 7 is most certainly a tablet. No one in his right mind would argue the point. And hey, GOOGLE says it's a tablet.

    I see no reason to believe the app would not work properly on the Nexus 7; for that matter the Play store notes that Android 3.0 or higher is required to run the app and the Nexus 7 comes with Android 4.1.

    I'd say you should have no trouble with this. That's the best I can offer without actually having the app.
  3. wb6nah

    wb6nah New Member

    I've been following Navionics for an update on this almost daily. As a Licensed Master and instructor, I also do an occasional delivery. I used MX Mariner on the N7 for a 800 mile delivery in August, and it did well. I prefer Navionics vector charts over raster offerings.

    I was able to put Navionics on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. It took the phone version. I returned the Tab, because it was crap.

    I've covered marine apps in my blog, here: Applications
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  4. RandySea

    RandySea New Member

    Reply to W_bovine:
    I'm guessing you're right. Meanwhile, the Google store has one review saying it works on Nexus 7 and one saying not. Isn't that helpful?

    Also in the Google store, just looking without an account, I didn't see any distinction in Navionics apps for phones vs tablets. I asked Navionics about trying it out. Their reply was that the Google store has a 15 minute return policy.

    Bottom line is that I'm guessing there's a good chance it will work. All I'd lose is $15 (I need USA + Canada) if it took me more than 15 minutes to find out it didn't.

    I guess there's no rush. Maybe I'll wait until there are discounts on the Nexus 7.
  5. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    I enquired about the Navionics app for my Nexus phone and was given the same nebulous (basically the answer was no answer... waffling) answer. They would only tell me the devices on which the app had been tested. I gambled, threw the dice, bought the app and installed it. All is well on my Nexus phone so I breathed a sigh of relief and also must say that, so far, I am pleased.
  6. cyebe

    cyebe New Member

    Hi all, FYI I have the Nexus 7 32 gb running 4.1.2 rooted. I have purchased the Navionics Marine&Lakes USA app in the past and tried installing it on my Nexus 7. As of this morning it DOES NOT work on the tablet (it says your device is not compatible with this version), but does work on a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.
  7. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    If you're rooted, you can change your device profile so the Play Store believes you're a phone. Can't say this will definitely work, but it's one option.
  8. RandySea

    RandySea New Member

    Was the Navionics app you purchased for a phone or a tablet? I can't fault Navionics if it's phone app doesn't work on a tablet. The original guestion of this thread was how well its tablet version works on a Nexus 7. Navionics was very obtuse and ambiguous in answering this one.
  9. katoom72

    katoom72 New Member

    Navionics DOES work on the nexus7 by adjusting the build.prop file and sideloading the app.

    If people are still unknown how todo it i can make a guide to explain how i did it.

    The procedure requires a rooted device! And the .apk file from your desired maps app.

    Just send me a pm/mail and to notify me to make a guide.

    Hope i can help you guys, it took me a few hours to figure it out but id like to share it so we can all enjoy the awesome nexus7 the way we want to!


  10. Nexus53

    Nexus53 New Member

    Hi Katoom,
    i just bought the nexus 7 32GB 3G, i sideloaded navionics europe, it worked 2-3times and then stops after start, I have also copied build.prop and edited it ( ? replaced Nexus 7 to Nexus 4 ???) but i could not copy it back into the system binder without root it. i tried Android 4.2. and 4.2.1.
    But before i root it, i would like to know how you did it exactly.
    thank in advance.

  11. Fjelldal

    Fjelldal New Member

    Navionics sendt me the apk file for Marine Norway for the android phone some months ago. They replaced this map with the Marine Europe, and removed Norway from Google Play so they provided me with the apk for reinstallation after a reset of my Nexus S.

    The same apk file installed just fine on my Nexus 7, and works without problem, just as on my Nexus S.

    Why Google Play defines all the Navionics Maps incompatible with my device, I just don't understand.
  12. Fjelldal

    Fjelldal New Member

    Install Navionics on an android device that is compatible, then use this backup app to backup Navionics to apk file. Transfer this apk to Nexus 7 and run installation. (You must (temporary) allow installation from unknown sources)
  13. Trustdesa

    Trustdesa Member

    Why those idiots at Navionics just do not issue a version compatible with N7?
  14. zuup

    zuup New Member


    It seems that I have exactly same problem as Nexus53. Tablet is Nexus 7 16Gt, rooted stock 4.2.1 version.

    I have installed Navionics Europe and USA. At first apps worked 2-3 times but now both apps stops at startup...:confused:

    Is there solution for this problem?
  15. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    Clear the cache
  16. zuup

    zuup New Member


    I cleared the application cache and managed start up Navionics once. After about 5 min of use application stopped.

    I tried again clear application cache but now Navionics stops at start up, so problem is back....
  17. jteitler

    jteitler New Member

    Hi everybody,
    I would like install NAVIONICS on my Nexus 7, I bought it essentially for this purpose, I sail on GENEVA Lake.

    Have you progress in unstalling and using This app on Nexus 7.
    If you issue in that purpose, please explain your experience to allow me to reproduce.


  18. Nexus53

    Nexus53 New Member

    new version 2.7 from Navionics Europe works on Nexus7
    but still you not seeing it on Playstore.

    You still have to download it with an other device like Android Mobile phone.
    With "sideload" move the .apk file to the nexus7 and start it.

  19. colinhorn

    colinhorn New Member

    Good luck with the APP but a word of warning, be very careful to ensure that you purchase exactly the right app, I live in the UK and having had the app recommended by a friend I quickly went into the play store and downloaded the Europe HD version for
  20. hpotter

    hpotter New Member

    We should so much like to take you up on your offer of a guide! We are not very techie and all this talk of rooting and adjusting the build.prop file and sideloading the .apk is a bit intimidating. Quite willing to pay Navionics but which version do we purchase for UK Solent and Channel Islands and Northern France? Your help for complete novices would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  21. dickandjill

    dickandjill New Member

  22. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

  23. wavelength

    wavelength New Member

    any further developments on this topic? I would like to run Navionics on a Nexus7 32gb. I can see the now obvious pitfall of loading Europe when I actually need UK. Delivering a boat on Friday overnight and whilst the vessel has it all in the way of electronic nav aids I would like to compare the Navionics with it for reference with an eye to future trips with not so well equipped vessels.
    Thanks DM

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