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  1. gdavids

    gdavids Member

    Any sailors on board here who have used the Navionics app on their Nexus 10? Even though this is a very expensive app ($35)I was really looking forward to seeing those charts on this high resolution screen. Unfortunately it did not work well at all and was soon crashing right after opening it up. I ended up returning it.

    I am wondering if any updates have fixed this issue? I am afraid to purchase it again until I hear of some success story with use on the N10. I think you are only allowed to return an app to the Play Store once.


  2. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    Have not used that app, but since many Walmarts have the 10, (I got mine there) you might want to try them. I heard that Staples also has them and both of these stores you can return products rather quickly.
  3. gdavids

    gdavids Member

    I actually already have the Nexus 10 - and love it. I am just interested in finding out if any other Nexus 10 owners have been able to make the Navionics app work for them. At $35, I don't want to risk purchasing the app again until I am reasonably sure it will work on my N10.
  4. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    The reviews of the navionics do not look so good so perhaps they really need to update their coding especially with such a high cost for an app.

    I misread you as I did not know you could return an app.
  5. MrNexus

    MrNexus Member

    The app worked fine for me its not exactly tablet optimized but I had no force closes
  6. geoffbow

    geoffbow New Member

    I'm new to the Nexus 10 and was hoping to use it for sea navigation using the "Navionics" app but there seems to be some question as to whether this app is compatible, am I am best to wait a couple of months before I buy this app? Or has someone used it and found it to be ok?
  7. Tranqdroid

    Tranqdroid New Member

    I too am new to Nexus 10.
    I have previously purchased the Navionic app ( Australia & NZ maps ) back in Sep 2011 for my android Samsung I9100 s2 galaxy smart phone. The app worked well.
    Seeing i had bought the license, I had been , along with all the other paid android app licenses , loading them on to my new Nexus 10. Most have loaded OK including the more expensive ones.
    However when it came to installing the Navionics app, the site is ignoring my previous purchase, and asking for full price.
    After hearing the above, it appears I might delay proceedings until I hear more from this thread.
    Rgds TT

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