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  1. Coops025

    Coops025 Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I just bought this tab recently and I have not had time to test the battery life when watching movies, if any one can tell me how long it lasts watching movies with everything off as in wifi that would be nice. I plan on taking several long flights soon and need a solution to extending my battery life. I'm not sure which external battery backups are compatible with this tab and require some advice.

    Please can you tell me which packs are good and compatible, also on what I can expect from them, in regards to extended battery life.

    I have been looking at this one: PowerGen 5200mAh External Battery Pack High Capacity: Electronics

    Many thanks

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  3. pwatkins

    pwatkins Active Member

    Well I have just posted above you about using external charging. On my new Galaxy Note 10.1, it doesn't work at all!

    Maybe this is just a fault on my unit? Surely you can use battery paks or car chargers - I have done on all my other devices.

    However, if it did work, the Powergen Pack you mention would not be "big" enough to give a full charge to the Note - 5200 MAh capacity versus 7000 MAh of the Note 10.1's battery. It also only charges at 1A wheras the Note needs 2A to charge at any "keep-up" rate. Remember a tablet reques a lot more power than a phone - just for the screen for starters.

    I have the bigger model Powergen block which has 8400 MAh capacity and has two USB ports one rated at 2A.

    However, unfortunately, as I have posted, even this pack will not work with my Note 10.1.. As I say maybe it is a fault - or maybe I am doing something wrong - but up to now I have been unable to charge my device with anything other than the stock Samsung mains charger. Not good!
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I will repeat whatI have already postedin another thread.

    Samsung has changed some pins i n their plugs and thus other chargers do not work unless used with a special adapter. Cost around 5USD.
  5. gadgetgalbb

    gadgetgalbb Member

    Check the Samsung website under note 2 accessories. They have a 9000 and if you use a 50% coupon it's 49.99 the Samsung accessory line tells me it should work on note 10.1 I hope to receive any day and try it out.
  6. Coops025

    Coops025 Active Member

    Thanks for all your help guys :)
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    BTW., I can recommend MP70D that has dual USB output one at 1A and one at 2.1A. It also has MicroUSB input, so you do not need a dedicated charger and cable.
  8. JvdMaat

    JvdMaat Member

    So if I wanted to buy this special $5 adapter, what would I be looking for? Searching for it gives me a ton of USB cables for Samsung, but none that convert generic USB into Samsung pin swapped USB.

    Is this the item? (eBay link, so not sure how long that will remain active. I'd prefer an Amazon link if anyone has one)
    www. ebay. com/itm/Black-Power-Charging-Data-Sync-USB-Adapter-Cable-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-P1000-/261079936141
  9. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    This is the right thing. Search local eBayers who sell it or Amazon, but eBay is the only place apart from where I have seen it.

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