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  1. Tech101

    Tech101 Member

    I've noticed that nobody in the states seems to have the replacement battery door for this phone, which is really annoying. The last few Evo Designs that came across my desk have been either missing the battery door or had a broken one, so I ordered a few and should have them in next week. If anyone here needs, just let me know. I'll probably throw a few up on ebay.

  2. Tech101

    Tech101 Member

    Ok, so they arrived today. I've posted 6 of them for sale on ebay. Price is negotiable. Another thing, before you buy a new door, make sure the issue is the door and not the frame. On one of the phones I tried the new doors with, it turns out there was something wrong with the frame and no door would stay on.
  3. ss2man44

    ss2man44 Well-Known Member

    How would one check the frame if they don't have known good door to test with?
  4. Tech101

    Tech101 Member

    You can't really check the frame without a known good door. The best you can really do is check the clips on the door. If they look like the clips in the white circle, your door may not be the issue. If one or both are cracked or missing, like the red circles, your door is definitely the culprit. If your door is ok, it may be the internal plastic frame that's causing the problem. Most of the time, it's the door.
  5. meskalin

    meskalin Member

    Does anyone has battery door for sell? Used,new,broken doesn't matter.
  6. Tech101

    Tech101 Member

    I'm still selling them on eBay. here.
  7. xTyler

    xTyler Active Member

    Also not to ruin your sales on eBay if anyone needs one. Call HTC direct and see if you're still under warranty they will send you one. I just got mine 3 days ago.

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