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Need a beta tester?

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  1. Purpletwink

    Purpletwink Member

    Hi everyone! Im new to the forum, but im not new to android. Im wanting to join in on new beta tests that come out. My app preferences are(but not limited to):

    Picture editing, games(pretty much any, just not sports), social, music/video, various utility, lifestyle, and health.

    I am mostly bored at home browsing different things on my phone all day since my boyfriend works crazy hours, and im currently unemployed. Im usually the person allot of my friends go to when confused with something on their phone or an app. By bf used to have an old LG slider before getting his new smartphone. When he got it, he didnt know anything about it, or what to do. I set up the phobe, and told him about it with the apps and features he could do. Im not claiming to be any pro with how everything is and works, but I have put many hours into learning things as I went along. Currently I have an unrooted/unlocked Samsung Exhibit 4g, or at least until I get the money to by an updated device.

    So if you are looking for a tester who speaks what they truely thing about an app, have the hours to put into viewing an app, and someone who always likes finding something new to "play" with. Then im here willing/wanting to do even more exploring than I already have. :)

    If you want, contact me through commenting on this post, pm, or email

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  2. dirkdk

    dirkdk New Member

  3. Purpletwink

    Purpletwink Member

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