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  1. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    I noticed y'all have established root for you phone.

    If a member would make a very phone specific, for those that don't know anything about rooting, "root guide"; I will put it in the All Things Root Guide sticky for all new members to easily find and use. You must include all links to original info and downloads as well.


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  2. c4ou3

    c4ou3 Member

    This is what i do to root my L3:
    Rooting tools similiar to LG Spectrum, and take step-by-step guide following Dan Rosenberg Method. Here is the link: Root LG Spectrum Smartphone Method By Dan Rosenberg

    Here is what his method:

    Pre-Requisites to Root LG Spectrum
    To Root your LG Spectrum these are few things you need .
    1. Download the Root tool for Windows (, or the Linux/OSX version (
    2. You have to Enable USB Debugging on your Device. To do this you have to go to development option in your appplication setting .
    3. Make sure that your device has a charge of at least 60%, I would recommend you charge at least 90% to be safe .

    How to Root LG Spectrum
    1. Extract the tool which is in zip file you have downloaded .
    2. You have to install LG ADB drivers if you are on Windows .
    3. Connect your tablet via USB to computer .
    4. Execute the
  3. rucksak

    rucksak Active Member

    I used this How to Root LG Optimus L3 E400 through linux ,When it restarted it got stuck in a loop about 4 times then started properly fully rooted.:)
  4. my phone constantlly rebooting and stuck at white screen what i do now?
  5. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    Okay, once it is rooted what it the compatible recovery tool? CWM?

    I told a friend CM9 is in development for this phone. He is asking for how to do it. A bit surprised, but pleasantly.
  6. theyikes

    theyikes New Member

    Hey all! i purchased an LG Optimus L3 E400 the other day from Tesco Ireland.
    I've tried using all the root scripts and even superoneclick but i still can't root my phone.
    I can enter Debugging mode and the phone is detected on both my windows and linux machine but niether the windows or linux script work. I've removed both the sim card and the sd card but still cannot root it.

    I would really appreciate any advice. oh it's running android 2.3.6 and the software version is v10H-OCT-31-2012.

    Thanks in advance

    The Yikes
  7. theyikes

    theyikes New Member

    Got it! downloaded superoneclick version and selected RageAgainstTheCage option. worked a treat. Just make sure your using version
  8. mo7sen

    mo7sen New Member

    hey i just use super one click 1.7 to root my lg l3 e405 ... only one step
  9. tragan147

    tragan147 New Member

    yes the superoneclick 1.7 works for the Verizon prepaid lg optimus zone lg-vs410pp as well or at least it did for me raceagainstthecage exploit.
  10. akins47

    akins47 New Member

    pls where and how can i get LG adb drivers. and is it different from the drivers available at LG website
  11. akins47

    akins47 New Member

    after rootin my fone usin superoneclick. i get diz msg dat SUPERUSER HAS STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY, PLS TRY AGAIN. any help, pls
  12. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hello and welcome to the forums . I see your having trouble with the android super user app . May i ask have you tried to perform a full data wiping cache wiping and dalvik cache wiping . If this don't work post back .

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