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Need a simple timer sound player app

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  1. Mcgver

    Mcgver New Member

    I have no idea how to even begin to program an app for this so I figured I would come here and ask for help.

    I need a app that will play a sound file for a set time adjustable by milliseconds. IE I can set it to play for 300ms and then adjust it to 290ms or 310ms or whatever is needed for the current project.

    I have the following phones that it can run on, Motorola Cliq XT (rooted), HTC MyTouch 4g slide, HTC MyTouch 4g, kyocera hydro.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Mcgver

    Mcgver New Member

    No takers yet?
  3. Dorphaus

    Dorphaus New Member

    I am interested - this app seems pretty basic.

    Will the sound file be on the phone itself, on the SD card, or will it be streamed?

    If the sound file is over the selected number of milliseconds, do you want playback to stop?

    If the sound file is under the selected number of milliseconds should playback last for the duration of the sound file?

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