Need a tablet that cand send out 1920x1080 video to external display

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  1. BenMU

    BenMU New Member

    I'm looking for a tablet where I can open a 1920x1080 video file from the tablet's local storage and have the tablet send out the video at that resolution to a 1080p TV.

    I know some tablets have microHDMI. But no manufacturer specifies if the HDMI out is just a duplicate of the tablet's native display, or if it sends out the media being played at the media's native resolution. I'd like to find a tablet that can send a video at 1920x1080 resolution to an external display at that same resolution, not scaled down to fit the tablet's LCD's resolution.


  2. greenml

    greenml New Member

    For high resolution video output, HD video player may more suitable than a tablet for you.

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