Need a Wildire Deal

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  1. saprolith

    saprolith Member

    I'm a happy Desire user and now want a Wildfire for my teenage daughter with a budget of

  2. ourjets

    ourjets Active Member

    Unfortunately I have not found any at
  3. newandroid77

    newandroid77 Member

    i got
  4. swampymc8

    swampymc8 Well-Known Member

    Hi i got 15 a month Tmobile..... 100 mins unlimted text and internet...18 month contract....but phone was
  5. adidasmanuk

    adidasmanuk Member

    hiya i got 300 mins (cross network) 300 texts and 1.5gb internet (thats what t mobile call unlimited ;)

    was 12.77 plus vat per month phone was 75 though only down side :)

    you also get a bundle you can change every month either unlimted texts or unlimited t mobile calls or landline unlimited per month

    strange though this is 1st month and there are charges one the bill not sure what for yet have to wait for the paper bill only 1.36 so far though so not too bad

    good luck in getting a deal when i was looking went into carphone warehouse and t maobile had the best deal on the wildfire but got a even better deal from the t mobile shop
  6. ourjets

    ourjets Active Member

    Seem OK. Problem with T-Mobile is coverage. I had a Blackberry on T-Mobile and the signal was regularly very poor. Switched to Vodafone and had no problems since. Amazing really that two phones sat side by side - one on T-Mobile no signal and the other on Vodafone 5 bars of signal strength. :)
  7. timthumb

    timthumb Member

    3 ..
  8. BoroC4

    BoroC4 Member

    If you are with Vodafone you can ask for a second line and if you ask for the wildfire you will get
  9. Rawhide

    Rawhide New Member

  10. If you contact Vodafone via @VodafoneUKDeals they might offer their
  11. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Active Member

    I got mine at

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