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  1. vahnx

    vahnx Member

    I'm pretty much stuck, the only point I can get to is the Android exclimaiton mark with no backlight. I read using the Acer Download Tool you can then flash a .bin at this point but all the megaupload links are broken. I downloaded one but it's sketchy because of some downloader add-on. Mine's rogers and I did have 2.1 eclair on it and I'm trying to go to 2.2 at the moment. When I attempt to flash using the I get status 7 so I probably need this Acer Download Tool and have to use a bin.

  2. vahnx

    vahnx Member

    Edit: This is no longer an issue. I forget how I solved all this garbage but I'm now on Gingerbread Liquid Next Cyanogen

    Update: Found a working ACER Download Tool [Intra][Single] v3.100 (2009.10.27) and I browsed for Acer_LiquidF_0.007.00_EMEA-GEN1_05.01.01_57ab23c1cf32cd66f8b94e4be24993d4.bin and it's been on 50008/50008 for a good 15 minutes at [Command] : OS mode to Download mode. Should I unplug and re-try a different bin?

  3. mo_hu91

    mo_hu91 New Member

    I have the same problem now, plz some help!!
  4. smith058

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    Moved to "Acer Liquid E - All Things Root"

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