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  1. spork141

    spork141 Member

    Ok guys need quick advice here...looking to make a purchase tomorrow and would like to hear opinions. I have 2 phones in mind..the Verizon GNex and Razr M....and yes...anxiety is in full effect...I cant wait any iphone4 is just killing me.


    LOVE the simple design
    LOVE the screen quality
    LOVE that it has desktop cradles
    LOVE that it has stock android
    LOVE that it has jelly bean
    HATE the build quality (specifically the cheapy plastic back)
    HATE the specs (i know its an old phone...but they still sell it so it must be noted)
    DOnt care much for the size (a bit big for what I want)

    RAZR M

    LOVE the Build Quality
    LOVE the size
    LOVE the screen colors
    LOVE the smart actions
    HATE that theres no desktop cradle
    HATE the camera
    HATE the ICS
    HATE the skinned android

    Indifferent on the design. THeres likes and not likes.

    Im leanign towards the Razr M because im scared of getting a phone thats over a year old and underspeced to todays the RAZR feels so much better in my hand. But the lack of docking cradle is really killing me....i really depend on my phone being both a clock and facing me at work. (I know they have some dumb kickstand but its not a dock

    ALso I know there might be new nexuxes announced soon...but im pretty sue all the leaks are saying not to expect verizon to be on board because they had a rough gnex launch.

    what do you guys think? RAZR M or GNEX?

  2. IICybershotII

    IICybershotII Well-Known Member

    Because I own one, I'm biased towards the Razr M. The Gnex still has decent specs for being a year old. I don't think it's camera is anything to write home about, it might not be better than the Razr's. Personally I like the camera on my M, it's really fast to access and has a quick shutter. The Gnex is known for horrible signal issues and battery life, which are important to me. I would guess that ICS won't be around for much longer on the M. Smart actions is ok but I don't use it ever. Unless your life is perfectly planned out every single day it's much easier to just silence your phone manually and things like that.

    Why aren't you considering the galaxy sIII?
  3. spork141

    spork141 Member

    I respect the s3 but again..screen size too big and the skin on it is im not in love with the hardware buttons or the idea that multitasking takes a long me thats the most important feature. thanks for your advice though....everyone who i talk to loves their Razr m
  4. aznguyen316

    aznguyen316 Well-Known Member

    Between those two, it's the Razr M. I say that because the Gnex really doesn't compete against a MUCH better option in the S3. The S3 is not much (if at all) bigger than the Gnex - it can have stock android thanks to an unlocked bootloader and dev support on it is amazing. A MUCH better camera is on it and you can have software navigation keys (I have an S3 right now - but trading it for an M this weekend). I have liquid smooth rom on it, disabled hardware keys and only navigate via software keys, so recent apps is a single button press. The TW skin on it can be removed through flashing a new rom - something the Gnex does as well and is a good reason for someone to get a Gnex in the first place is to flash roms - IMO. Plus Gnex battery is one of the worst from what I've read and seen. A buddy had to get an extended battery for his, thus adding bulk.

    But to stay on topic I'm swapping to the M b/c of phone size. The 4.3" screen fit into an iphone 5 sized frame is awesome. I can now one hand things again (coming from 4S) and this actually is important to me, more than I realized. It has the some similar hardware as the Razr HD - S4 cpu, 1GB ram, a 2000mAh battery (S3 has 2100mAh, but larger screen which takes up 50%+ on my battery every day); it just has a weak camera but no worse than Gnex and Moto is known for their radios while the Gnex is known for its poor radio... sorry to carry on, been drinking some and got on the forums lol. Good luck!
  5. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Seems you already made up your mind for M. But as for Gnex being underspeced old hardware, I beg to differ. Its dual OMAP 4460 processor still feels fast enough for most task with 1Gb RAM, 32Gb storage. And after JB update it feels like adding turbo charger to my car. JB update addressed most of issues it had with 4.0.2 when launching. Battery and data connection were improved too. Stock JB is like dream compared to skinned ICS. Still signal strength in weak areas won't impress you. I think that's the only weak point of this phone. But OS/software wise Nexus is hard to beat.

    Razr M has better hardware overall maybe except screen and new Moto UI is the closest one to stock android. So M is good choice if you don't care for the latest stock android. but I wonder why you don't consider new HD or Maxx HD then?
  6. spork141

    spork141 Member

    Hey guys thanks for all your input...I picked up a RAZR M today....and im very happy so far. Only reason im not let down that I didnt pick the GNEX or cus even at 4.3 im struggling just a tiny bit with the big screen. I got small hands and big thumbs. So at glad i held off on the gnex...although I LOVE the idea of a clean google phone... question thats killing do you set the hone to display the clock / homescreen when its powering? I thing for Droid this is a smart action..but i thought this was a pretty quick setting.

    Anyone know?

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