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Need an app for no slide answerGeneral

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  1. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Now that I have Gingerbread on phone my easy answer button app dont work and it's back to sliding screen to answer phone. Have looked in market but see nothing good except shake to answer and the reviews are bad so does anyone know of an app where when phone rings you just clicck on answer or ignore just like the easy answer used to do before this darn update that VZW pushed to my phone without asking for it:confused:

  2. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure someone will come out with a no-slide app for Gingerbread quickly. In the meantime, I set a simple pattern lock (you have to use at least four dots) that's actually easier than the slider and even a bit more secure.
  3. Optikn3rv

    Optikn3rv Member

    I see this is dated back to May, anyone found a working app that allows single button pressing to answer the wildfire? I tried Advanced telephone but it don't work on droid 2.3.

    I have the latest CM7 stable and tried Advanced telephone but the buttons will not answer the phone ;(

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