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  1. rkuhn

    rkuhn Member

    My Archos 70 has a generic android market on it.

    What is the app i need to download with my browser from the real android market to get it on my Archos 70?


  2. You don't appear to have had an answer yet, so even though it's a long time since you posted the request and you've probably found the answer by now, here's what you need to do...
    1. Run AppsLib (which you called the 'generic android market')
    2. Select 'Categories' at the bottom of the screen
    3. Select 'Tools'
    4. Select 'ArcTools' from the right-hand column and install it
    5. Run ArcTools
    6. Download 'Default Apps & Market' (drop-down arrow to select latest version)
    7. Click on 'Install apps' button when download finishes.
    That's it!

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