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  1. ChewyWaffles

    ChewyWaffles New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I could use an app recommendation for sending pictures to Facebook. I'm a Facebook minimalist, which means I hardly do anything on that site, but my mother would like to see more pictures of my son online and now that I have a smartphone with a data plan I might as well take advantage of it. What I'd like to do is have an app integrated with the camera functionality that allows me to automatically upload a picture by "right-clicking" on it and clicking "Send to Facebook". I'd greatly prefer not to log in to some other bloated app in order to upload a photo. Ideally, as I described, it would neatly integrate with the existing camera functionality. Are there any apps for that?

    HTC Incredible, fyi


  2. GeneralPatton

    GeneralPatton Well-Known Member

  3. ChewyWaffles

    ChewyWaffles New Member

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

    Looks like it's a lot simpler than I imagined. I can click "Share" on the photo and then "Facebook". Then all I had to do was provide my Facebook credentials. Voila. Thanks a lot.

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