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Need assistance with a wifi tether app!

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  1. olyd88

    olyd88 Member

    Hello everyone.:) ,I have rooted my Neo V and installed Wifi Tether,second i have another phone(Nokia C6-01 hacked too).Let me tell you how i stucked.

    1.I started my WifiTether on my Neo u(didnt change any setting,only enable acces system).
    2.switch on wifi on my Nokia c6-01,and found a hotspot (AndroidTether).I clicked it and got connected(on my C6-01 screen).
    3.Now i look back at my Neo v(WifiTether ),i checked the list client but it didnt show anything,WHY?please help me in a detailed step to establish a connection with my wifitether(neo v) and Nokia c6-01.
    4.I am tired to Googling,i have all version of wifitether,installed it but still cant find any client,is there anything related with wpa suplicant?or ad hoc?between the two phones?
    5.I know and i read peoples post,that only pc or laptop support ad hoc network,and not for smartphones.The stupid things i did is changing the system/bin/wpa suplicants several time to check if it works but nothing.im now wondering wether the problem is in my wifitether setting or my nokia phones?i also in a 2G Coverage only and now trying to tether my network.
    6.Oh!almost forgot,any idea where i must put my sim card?must have on both phones or just in my Neo v or Nokia?which one of this device must in active line(in my case 2G)?or the Neo v must in flight mode?

    Please give advice and help,im really new with android,this the 5th days already,Neo v is my 1st android phone and i rooted it in the 2nd days i bought it.

  2. olyd88

    olyd88 Member

    Anybody know how solve this?
  3. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Unfortunately we're unable to assist with your problem.

    The owner of the site has recently informed us that we can't discuss tethering (unless specifically covered via a paid tethering plan) because it's considered theft of service.

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