Need build v1.5.7Support

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  1. RQ23A

    RQ23A New Member

    Hello, I had a problem with my 7'' tablet WM8650 with android 2.2, kernel 2.6.32 and build n

  2. KD271158

    KD271158 New Member

    Android Program/Software Download, Download MaiPad Software, Input Method Software, Working Software, Chating Software etc PC Software You'll find the wm8650 Android 2.2 v1.5.7 at this site.
    Make sure you check the env file it has 2 different env's in it.vt1609 & vt1603. You absolutly need the right script file and env.
    I highly recommend you use any 2.2 v1.5.5 though, as it is a very stable build and can be fully rooted.
    I havenn't been able to root the 1.5.7 ,it's full of unecessary crap and is just an all around poor and bloated build. Good Luck!

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