Need cdc abstract control model acm driver.Support

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  1. ironhorse

    ironhorse Well-Known Member

    I need this driver for xp and am unable to find it anywhere. Can anyone help. Lack of this drives is causing problems with pdanet and this pos computer not keeping the usb connected. Cant get a new pc right now nor do I ave a copy of win 7 that is not 64 bit to throw on this pc.

  2. willenium_1217

    willenium_1217 New Member

    Reinstall the drivers again. I was in the same situation. Just do it and Tether Beta started working for me on my Vista Machines. If you need the link here it is. Page Not Found - SAMSUNG Hope this helps!
  3. lencooly

    lencooly New Member

    Page Not Found - SAMSUNG? Bad link.

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