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Need coder to code 3 small simple points of my semi finished flappy bird game

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  1. titaniumspectrum

    titaniumspectrum New Member

    So I have a semi finished Android Flappy bird game coded to
    work in eclipse and require 3 small simple points to be coded
    by a coder on here.

    The 3 small simple points I'd like coded are:
    Modify the already coded score so that it stops flashing.
    Make the game screen flash and the whole game shake once the bird crashes.
    Make it display the already coded score system on Google Play Games highscore centre to show the individual's highscores, friends and worldwide user's highscores.

    You will have to agree to a written statement that you have zero
    rights to my game and what you have coded and that all licensing rights of the game and codes you will create goes to me who is buying the service.

    Starting whenever I receive a service agreement from someone
    and will allow a maximum of 2 days for the service to be completed.
    If this is not met then I will still pay depending on what you have
    coded so far though the service will be aborted within 2 days.

    Coding will proceed via Teamviewer and all messaging and contacting
    will proceed via Skype.

    $10USD, Paypal payment option only.
    If you want me to pay in parts after you code parts of the game
    then I will accept that for trust purposes.
    E.g, you will code 1 point and I will send you $3.30c then you proceed with next and I will send you another $3.30c and then you finish the last point and I will send another $3.30c totalling to $10USD.

    Please only offer me this service if you know for sure that you
    can code the points I've listed above.

    Thank you.

  2. svenoaks

    svenoaks Member

    $10 paid in parts, how enticing.
  3. Stoyicker

    Stoyicker Member

  4. Codyp424

    Codyp424 Member

    how do you have a pre-existing android game? Do you own it or was it an open source project? Also how is it written, openGL or an engine?

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