need default nam settings for rush please helpSupport

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  1. ripz420

    ripz420 Member

    i flashed my rush to work on verizon but i accidently changed some of the numbers in the nam settings with cdma ws so can anyone please connect there phone and post a screen shot of there nam settings a .nam file for it i would be very appreciative of you thanks!!!!!!!!1

  2. ripz420

    ripz420 Member

    ok my cousin bought a rush ao i copied his nam but the signal still didnt come back so i copied his prl back to mine and got signal so every verizon prl i try makes the phone loose service until i switch it back to boost anyone have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated
  3. Tesla5

    Tesla5 Well-Known Member

    If you have root you could use Boost (Sprint) service and use Roam Control to use the Verizon network when in a Verizon only area..

    Can't post link on first post

    Edit: Did some more research and Roam Control will not work with Boost Mobile

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