Need download for Goldenleaf kernel optimus one (p500)!!!

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  1. abramstravis

    abramstravis New Member

    as some may know mega upload is done now.. and every link i have found has been for a site that only lets you download from mega upload :(

    my main objective it to save some battery on my p500
    i heard the kernel helps lots
    touchscreen wise. blughh i dont know.. thought id try to flash it and go from there
    i dont use my phone for well a phone. i use it to play games ..
    like nova and such . yet they are touch screen games that kill my battery :(

    any help would be great!!!!!!!!

  2. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    try Gleaf or any kernel but playing games (that too like NOVA or NFS) sucks battery faster than a vampire.. :p
    u just have to deal with it :|

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