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  1. dereileak

    dereileak Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I have an evo in my hands, has been great, but I noticed the other day that one of the LED's on the back does not work anymore. Ok so logically I want to go to best buy and exchange it, but they have none to give me, they said return it and wait till more come in. Well, I called the sprint stores and they have 50+ waiting lists, and none on hand, both stores. I called sprint and they said there is nothing they can do but have me return the phone and go on the waiting list. Now yes I realize there are lots of people trying to get this phone. Currently I am trying to do sprint chat, and I can tell from there work order that they are from india or some other place. They tell me just to take the phone I ordered from best buy to the sprint store and they will help me get a new one. But I know for a fact that they will tell me to go to best buy. anyone have any suggestions on what I should about this., my 30 days is up on saturday of this coming week.

  2. thermo99

    thermo99 New Member

    I'm in the same situation. Stuck red pixel in the middle of the screen, lots of light leakage below the soft buttons, bottom L corner of the screen lifting. Went to sprint store yesterday to get exchanged.. no dice. They claimed they had none to give me. They have a week to 'get' me one, then I'm going to be forced to return it and wait til I can find one, but it will be from another store. I won't be going back to the store I am dealing with now. Will be filing complaint either way since the employees were rude.

    I tried to get them to commit to exchanging my phone after the 30 days, in which case I would just wait til they have one available, but they won't do that, so I won't go past the 30 days. You have no real protection from them totally screwing you after that. So my advice: push them to make it right or you deal with someone else.. either a different provider (ZOMG DROID X ON VERIZON IS SOOO COOL!!) or at least a different store. Don't give up your rights and go past the 30 day window unless you are totally satisfied.
  3. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    Just to what I did and return the damn thing and be done with it for now.
    You're going to forfeit your number unless you switch to a different provider before taking the phone back.

    I'm glad there are non in stock. People are waking up from their iPhone induced comas.
  4. RedWingsFan

    RedWingsFan Well-Known Member

    If its a manufacturer defect, they will let you swap it out once a new one comes in. Even if you are past your 30 days.

    These phones do have warranties.
  5. This is the 5th "omg my 30 days is almost up and i dont have a replacement" thread I have replied to.

    Yes, we all know every store is out of evo's. And guess what, THE STORES KNOW THIS TOO! If you have a defective Evo, go into the store and tell them about it. Talk to a manager if it makes you feel better. Just let them know you need a replacement and they will put you on a waiting list or whatever.

    YOU WILL NOT HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING A REPLACEMENT AFTER YOUR 30 DAYS. As long as they know you are having a problem, they will replace the phone once they get them.
  6. dereileak

    dereileak Well-Known Member

    I knew someone would say OMG this is the 5th replacement thread, everyone says that crap no matter what you make a thread on
  7. dereileak

    dereileak Well-Known Member

    why would you be happy about this??
  8. RedWingsFan

    RedWingsFan Well-Known Member

    He is happy to see people jumping ship from the iPhone to the EVO
  9. RedWingsFan

    RedWingsFan Well-Known Member

    Then why not read/post in a thread that is already started?
  10. dereileak

    dereileak Well-Known Member

    because then people just skip right over it, and do not give a rats butt
  11. Dutch54

    Dutch54 Well-Known Member the moment I'm third on a waiting list at BB and they have told me that if my wait goes past the 30 days it won't affect the guarantee..I'm in before the expiration date...I have no reason to doubt them....they've been rock solid all along. I know this may not be the case at all places.
  12. evofreak

    evofreak Active Member

    I just exchanged mine and i was worried about the 30 days. So I asked my sister in law, who works for best buy, what to do? So she talked to a friend of hers who is a manager in bestbuy mobile what i could do. She put me on the pre order list and gave me a rain check. Since the raincheck had the date on. That's the date we went by for the exchange. Hope this helps.

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