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Need external battery chargerTips

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  1. kjarrett

    kjarrett Well-Known Member

    ...I gave up caring about battery life on my DINC2 when I started carrying a charged second battery with me.

    Pretty sure I can get another battery for my DINC 4g but where to find a standalone charger? The HTC dock I saw only charges the phone.

    Any help?



  2. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    Hyperion I think makes chargers and spare batteries. I got mine for Galaxy nexus. I am sure Incredible 4g will come too... check Amazon
  3. undergone

    undergone Well-Known Member

    Verizon has some decent accessories. Call them!
  4. kjarrett

    kjarrett Well-Known Member

    I asked in the store, they've got nothing...
  5. licountrygirl

    licountrygirl New Member

    I just bought the New Trent iTorch battery charger. You charge it via your computer or USB wall plug and it will charge your phone a couple of times before you have to recharge it. Check it out on Amazon. $35 well spent
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  6. kjarrett

    kjarrett Well-Known Member

    Just ordered one! Will let you know how it works out!

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