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Need factory boot imageSupport

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  1. bcrossmock

    bcrossmock New Member

    I rooted my gingerbread crossover and like a noob fool I started deleting system apps and now most of my keys are unresponsive. My biggest mistake was not performing a backup first. I had to install XP to even get the device to be recognized properly so I guess I was distracted by the fact that it finally worked. Anyone that can help with a stock image of the crossover would be much appreciated.

  2. philmstar

    philmstar New Member

    Did you get one? I'm another idiot who forgot to back-up first and am in the same boat! :(

    I am considering buying another P8000 ($40.00), setting it up the same (GBread, Rooted, etc.) and making a backup, then copying it onto my original Phone`s SD-Card and restoring, do you think that would work?

    Always wanted 2 identical phones :rolleyes:

  3. philmstar

    philmstar New Member

    WARNING: All your data will be lost and if your phone is unlocked with a network unlock code then you will have to enter that code again after the flash.
    1. Download the P8000 Crossover's gingerbread rom update from Pantech's site.
    2. Install and run the Upgrade Utility but when it asks you to connect the phone.
    3. Turn your phone on while keeping volume up and home buttons pressed. (SW Update Mode)
    4. Connect your phone to the computer.
    5. Run crossover rom update utility.
    6. Follow the on screen instructions and your phone will boot into gingerbread again with a fresh installation.
    I did have to remove my SIM and SD Card for the Installer to recognize the Device.
    Win 8 USB default driver will let you read/write to the SD Card as a Portable Drive but I found the above procedure, PC Suite for the Pantech and Programs like adb and fastboot will only worked for me under Win 7.
    Many thanks to the Guy's at XDA-Developers for ideas.
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  4. pixeled

    pixeled New Member

    Hi, i'm almost in the same boat, I deleted /system but i still have the boot.img from Gingerbread rom and recovery .img from CWM backups.

    Please, if somebody have stock rom backup or at least recovery.img from original rom it would be great

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