Need for speed shift (official release)

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  1. ingcorra

    ingcorra Active Member

    Anyone got it working? FC right after the EA screen on my legend with cyanogenmod 6.1 :(

    I'm talking about the 1.0.56 version available on market, not the 1.04 (which works correctly)

  2. macnpaul

    macnpaul Active Member

    Just tried the one from the market 1.0.55 and can't get past the EA screen either, works on my Desire though.
  3. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Well-Known Member

    I suppose its only available on the paid market, right? In my country its still not possible to buy apps and i cant find anything refering to NFSS :(
  4. ingcorra

    ingcorra Active Member

    If your phone is rooted you can unlock paid apps by using marketenabler.

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