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Need help!!!!!!!1

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  1. elmoreg6

    elmoreg6 Member

    I have a lg connect and its stuck on hard reset menu. How can I get off that? I tried to reboot system, factory reset, and its not letting me off. Help

  2. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Well-Known Member

    Have you tried using the LG Update Tool?
  3. elmoreg6

    elmoreg6 Member

    No. Where can i get it?
  4. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    When you say hard reset do you mean the recovery? Do you have custom recovery or are you all stock?
  5. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Well-Known Member

  6. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Well-Known Member

    I think he may be stuck in recovery. All he will need is to flash the de-looper. Now only to find it.. I don't know where it is but I do have it on my phone. I'll try uploading it.
  7. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Well-Known Member

    If you're stuck in a recovery bootloop then just put this file on the root of your SD card and flash it in recovery. Only do this if you installed CWM because I don't think it's possible on stock recovery. I can't think of any way to flash on stock recovery anyway.

  8. elmoreg6

    elmoreg6 Member

  9. elmoreg6

    elmoreg6 Member

    this should give you guys an idea. One the screen it says cwm-based recovery v5.5.0.4
    -reboot system now
    -install zip from sdcard
    -wipe data/factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -backup and restore
    -mounts and storage
    Now how i get out of this mess lol.
  10. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    is when the device just stays on the bootanimation and keeps on playing.

    Try flashing the file that Hyphy purple uploaded. Should help you.
  11. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've been in your situation many times. Don't ever choose system restore in the settings. It'll only cause this. All you have to do is download the file I posted in the previous post and put it on your SD card. You can do this by downloading it on another Android or from a computer using an adapter for your SD. Then choose "install zip from sd card" and choose my file. Then scroll down to yes and voila.
  12. SwitchWireless

    SwitchWireless New Member

    I had the same problem with my phone and followed these instructions and now I am worse than where I was to begin with! Before at least I had access to clockwork mod recovery. Now Its stuck bootlooping at the LG splash screen! Any ideas?

    Was able to get into hard reset menu and did a factory reset but still looping on the LG screen splash screen!

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