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Need help: 2.1 update

  1. mikeyvaj

    mikeyvaj Member

    If I already have 2.1 update with the Motorola Blur
    Is there another one out there that's better?
    I've seen a review on the Vanilla With Eclair 1.1 ROM
    Is it better because the ROM doesn't run Motorola blur?
    I've been thinking about doing it to my phone but I don't know
    if I should or not
    Please give me your thoughts on what you think
    It will help me a lot

  2. imgamer

    imgamer Member

    hi dear i m using eclair 2.1 on my cliq without any issue
  3. chuckanut

    chuckanut Member

    How do you update? I donwloaded the program to my computer. Went to my E: drive (removable disk) but cant find the "microsd" file to drag it to... we're stumped

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