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NEED HELP! 3G/Poor 2G Signal Strenght With X310e Through T-Mobile

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  1. Prepaid13

    Prepaid13 New Member

    Just recently purchased a X310e MTK6575 1GHz 4.3 Inch Multi-touch Android 4.0 Smartphone and the signal strength is very poor and i can not even get 3G on the phone (I do have a data plan through T-Mobile). The Sim information, Voice call, video call, messaging, an data are all connected and registered with t-mobile. i did go out yesterday to get a new sim card which helped a little. the site i got it from says its should work on Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and other sites say WCDMA for 3G but WCDMA if selected on the phone give no signal at all. if anyone could help i would be EXTREMELY grateful. :(

    -i did talk to t-mobile for 2hrs and they didnt help much ether, said to call tech support maybe that would help
    -even tired *#*#4636#*#* To change the bands


  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    First, it appears you bought a Chinese fake knock-off. You got what you paid for.

    Second, T-Mobile 3G/4G works on the 1700/2100 data frequencies. Your unit apparently does not support those, so you're limited to 2G. They cannot change the bands by calling them.

    Third, T-Mobile will supply a free signal booster if you really are in a poor signal area. You could contact them (dial 611 try tech support) about getting one. But I suspect in this case the signal problem is actually your phone's radio.
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  3. Prepaid13

    Prepaid13 New Member

    thank you i really appreciate that reply and yea i looked into it more about the bands kinda sucks cause the phone is really good actually. if i had a different service is could work to my understanding but i have t-mobile. but thanks again

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