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need help(also if anyone can help me put ultimate droid on my htc g2)

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  1. beerman369

    beerman369 Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 31, 2011
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    I am running vertues rom 1.0.2....
    And my HBOOT .76.2000

    I have (s-off)

    And radio and other stuff so I'm good

    can someone give me a link to a more updated version of 1.0.2 of the rom I have ?

    And the problem is I need like .91 or something higher for the newest version of vurtues rom
    And I don't have that so if anyone can help further I need a hboot of .91 or better to have the newest version of the vurtues rom I think its like v3.0.2
    Or something kinda forgot...

    And if you can give me any links to any cool apps.... any cool stuuff for my phone please do so.

    I also heard that you can put ultimate droid rom on the htc g2 if anyone can help me with that.....that would be awesome thanks.... add me on msn hbcinema@hotmail.com and help me further


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