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Need help ASAP after bad rootGeneral

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  1. ademinski

    ademinski New Member

    OK so heres the deal. I tried to root my phone using swupgrade. Well stupid me did everything but load the rom onto my sd card. Now the phone did update. When it comes on it goes through the virgin mobile logo, turns black and vibrates off and on doing nothing else. I can get into hard reboot mode, I can get into download mode. How do I fix this. I need my phone. I just want to set it back to the way it was. Anyone know how to fix my stupid stupid mistake? I have the Samsung Intercept with Virgin Mobile 2.2

  2. IceColdGlacier

    IceColdGlacier Well-Known Member

    If your phone is still on a warranty. Go for it.... I use Intercept Root.apk from 4shared.com

    Intercept Root is the ONLY root app for the Intercept.

    Link... Okay:

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