NEED HELP BADLY - Making calls is behaving badly.

  1. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    I had joneidy's Sense rom working pre-Kernel mod and everything worked except Bluetooth.
    I installed the Kernel -- and it worked fine.
    I then went to CM7 and then when I made a call outbound, the phone would vibrate once and the screen would go blank. I read up, did all the live wallpapers, animation offs, etc. Still no luck (and bluetooth still didn't work).
    I then reverted back to SenseROM and I still get the problem with the making calls. Vibrates once and then goes black/backlight on, but blank.

    What do I need to do to go back to the other kernel? Or does it go back to the other kernel when I go back to Sense?

    I REALLY need my phone to work, at least for the next few days...



  2. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    You didn't mention what clock speed your running at.
    Did you install a governor like SetCPU or CPU Master?
    If so, try 729/248, reboot just for grins and see how it goes.
  3. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    I have SetCPU. Which brings up an interesting point. Since I went back to SenseROM I am no longer able to go beyond 600 which tells me the "older" kernel must be back. Since I was under the impression that the "new" kernel's purpose was overclocking...

    Phone still goes black after I dial out.

    Dial>Send>Vibrate>Black screen>I can still hear, but nothing else can be done. the only way to fix it is to pull the battery.
  4. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    Hopefully you created a Nand backup immediately after installing custom recovery. If so, try restoring it.
    Be sure you are having an issue with the kernel. Did this problem immediately begin after installing the OC kernel?
    OR, if it happened a few hours or a few days after installing, might it be an application you installed that revolves around the calling functions?
  5. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    The Nand backup I did a while back is gone, likely because I screwed up and formatted it or something, so I'm dead there.

    I didn't install anything after it, and I also tried wiping everything and then reflashing, etc. Same issue.

    Any ideas? Is it possible I screwed up the CPU when I was running over 600 (it was stable, so I don't know what would have happened)?
  6. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    OK!!! Get this. Ready?

    If I make a call TO the cell, the phone rings, I answer, the screen goes black, but the call is still connected.
    I then hang up the call (from the other phone), the screen stays blank.

    I then call back the phone.
    The phone rings
    But the screen stays blank.
    I hang up the OTHER phone.
    The display comes back on and tells me a missed a call from so-and-so.

    How f-ed up is that?!?!?!

    Any ideas?
  7. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    This just keeps getting CRAZIER ... ready?

    If after the above (I get the "missed call" icon on the top left of screen I can then MAKE a call and the screen doesn't go black. But when I end that call and try to make another one (no more missed icon) The screen goes back to doing the black thing.

    Go ahead and figure THAT one out!!!
  8. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    Go to Settings>About Phone and see what kernel version you have.
    Probably stock since you flashed back to Sense Rom.

    I have a history question.
    You had Sense ROM, which means you should have flashed the Any Rom version of the kernel.
    Then you flashed CM7. After that flash did you flash the CM7 specific kernel?

    As for overclocking, how high did you go and for how long?
    It just seems weird that you only have this one issue.
    If you hurt your CPU every operation would prove it. You'd probably get random reboots, application FC's or worse.
    Run a stress test through SetCPU and give it as long as it needs to run. Maybe even set you screen off to 30 minutes so you can watch the process.
  9. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member lge@android-build #1
    Fri Dec 17 18:41:57 KST 2010

    I did the CM7 kernel with CM7 and the "any" kernel with SENSE. I'm going to try the stress test and a few other things (try going with the "any" kernel now that I'm back to Sense, etc.)...

  10. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Just did "any" OC-Kernel. Same problem(s) with making calls.

    I forgot to answer the rest of your reply... I never went over 740ish and not for very long at all... the rest of the phone is working fine (except for the same bluetooth issues - which right now don't seem very important LOL).


    Running stress test now. Will post up when done.
  11. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    I added a screen protector some time ago (before all this happened) and the phone was working fine. I'm willing to take it off (don't want to, but I will) -- if you think it will fix the problem. I personally do not think it will as it looks very clear and clean under the sensor. What do you think.

    The test came back without any issues.
  12. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Hang on...
  13. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    NO CRAP! Problem appears to be fixed. Get this. My screen protector had FOUR LAYERS

    Usually there is the heavy plastic on the outside, heavy plastic on the inside, and thin layer in the middle (which stays on the screen).

    Well, I had TWO HEAVY layers on the inside (so after I peeled the first one, I stuck it on the display, then I peeled the other heavy from the outside of the screen... well... there was ANOTHER heavy!!!!)

    I discovered it when I went to peel off the whole thing.

    How F-in crazy is that. Phone appears to be working fine now. (minus bluetooth)
  14. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    That is weird but I'm happy you discovered that before trying to put the phone back to stock and returning it.
  15. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    I'm telling you, it was the wackiest thing! And the fact that I had the protector on for so long and it was fine. Hey, I'm happy now. I may even think about going to CM7 again, because I'm too stupid to leave things be. LOL.
  16. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    On second thought. Nah. I really like Sense. :)

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