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  1. ronak123

    ronak123 Member

    i have purchased Samsung galaxy S2 i1900G and am not at all happy with this phone, i want to know if there are any upgrades going to come for this phone like android 4.0 icecream sandwitch or something?? or any latest update abt this phone.

    i have many problems with this phone...

    1) it hangs sometime
    2) when listening to music, it freezes like for 1-2 sec everytime.
    3) camera also sometimes freezes
    4) google play store sometimes doesnt work, i get a msg download error inspite of my internet working properly

    please anyone can give me some best solutions???

  2. Kibbster

    Kibbster Well-Known Member

    With lots of freezes it could be a hardware fault.
    Speak to the place you bought it from if new, if second hand see if you can get a warranty repair.

    I have my doubts that ICS update would fix anything (probably make it worse) because most of us are running GB without any of these problems so it doesn't sound like your phone is right.

    Apart from 4)
    I get this sometimes because my home wifi/boradband can be pretty shite at times.
    When I'm at work Google play and everything else net related is fast enough to blow my socks off :)
  3. ronak123

    ronak123 Member

    if its a hardware issue will i get replacement?? coz i bought it new and its under warranty..but when i go to samsung gallery they say i wont get replacement :(
  4. Kibbster

    Kibbster Well-Known Member

    Did you buy it online or from a store?
    If it's from a store take it back to them, if online contact the place you brought it from.

    It won't cost the supplier anything to fix as Sammy will pay for the repairs so they've got no reason to give you grief about fixing your phone.

    As long as theirs no water/ physical damage to the phone, it should all get sorted.
    It may take a while but it's their responsibility to replace or fix it.
  5. ronak123

    ronak123 Member

    i bought it from a store and if i go there, and they said show to gallery of samsung then what to do??? they wont fix it coz they just sell right??
  6. Kibbster

    Kibbster Well-Known Member

    They might just give you a replacement if you bought it recently.
    Failing that they should arrange for it to be sent back to their suppliers.. who will sent it back to Sammy for repairs.
    It may take a few weeks though.

    Just replacing phones off the shelf is getting rarer now because they cost so much, repair is the more likely option I'm afraid.
  7. Kibbster

    Kibbster Well-Known Member

    Another option is to try a factory reset if you haven't done it yet.
    It is possible that there may be some corrupted data.

    Obviously back up your data first through kies or some other method because the phone will be set back to factory setup like new.

    Worth a go to rule out software problems before you go through the hassle of getting it repaired.
  8. ronak123

    ronak123 Member

    my s2 has been reseted 3 times....3 times i have re-installed the android OS from gallery...i dont think factory reset will solve my problem :((

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