Need HELP. Barnacle wifi tether.

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  1. btbotimtim

    btbotimtim Member

    currently i am using take 5 rom and i dont know how to use barnacle wifi tether.
    my laptop detects its signal and gets connected but the browser says it doesn't have internet connection.
    i also check the client section of barnacle, it says no client.
    laptop shows it is connected but barnacle says no client.
    what should i do to use it?
    do i have to change settings?
    please help.
    thank you.

  2. mmandros

    mmandros Well-Known Member

  3. btbotimtim

    btbotimtim Member

    thank you very much.
    it worked really well.
    i didn't know how to adb and things.
    i just copied rtecdc.bin file to system/etc/ folder and overwrote it with using root explorer.

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