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Need help buying new phone around the 200euro SE xperia mini/walkman???

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  1. yeasis

    yeasis Member

    I saw two mobile phones:
    -SE Xperia Mini
    -SE Live With Walkman
    So i don't kno wich one is the best...
    1.i like the bigger screen size on the live but it does have less ppi and it also looks less bright...
    2.the live is less fat but bigger and it looks weird because of the top...
    So if anyone does have something to say about these two thing or anything else about the mobiles please comment!

    Also i you do kno a other mobile phone around the 200euro with:
    - atleast 5 megapixel camera with led flash.
    - 1ghz+ processor because i wan play some good games on it
    - i prefer bigger screens like 3.5~4inch but they useally are more expensive...
    - the ppi (pixel per inch) must also be above 180.



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