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Need Help! (Camera)Support

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  1. Jevans18

    Jevans18 New Member

    Well, i got my lovely new note 2 on Saturday only for it later to say 'Camera Failed' whenever i try to take pictures and try out that burst option (really cool btw) I have searched around the internet, followed peoples advice with the same problem on the S3 to no luck. I have tried resetting it to factory, deleted interfering apps but nothing! Third party apps don't even work..

    I have even contacted Samsung today only for them to say it might be fault and i should take it to a workshop, but i've seen other people say it can be fixed without taking it for repair, does anyone have any help? I need the camera for work..

    Sorry for all the text..

  2. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    Have you tried downloading a Camera App such as Camera Zoom FX? It overrides the existing camera.
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  3. peter7769

    peter7769 Well-Known Member

    Why not just take it back to the shop & get a bew one?, you are within 7 days so if you are in the UK they have to replace it with a brand new one, i took mine back last friday as one of the gyro's stopped working! all good now though ;-)
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  4. Jevans18

    Jevans18 New Member

    I have just tired that and whilst it doesnt come up with camera failed, it just displays nothing.. I think that confirms to me that its fauly :( thanks for your help.
  5. Jevans18

    Jevans18 New Member

    Yeah, im gonna have to.. quite disappointed i have to say...
  6. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    I think most places in the UK are 28 days like for like, at least it was when I got my last phone Galaxy S2 from Phones 4 U.
  7. PiscesCloud

    PiscesCloud Well-Known Member

    Hi Peter

    Can you describe the symptoms please?
  8. yc_dgan

    yc_dgan Member

    I have a different problem here. Sometimes when I launch the camera app, the app launches swiftly, but the camera preview stay blank (black) for 5 seconds or so before it finally shows something. Is anyone else encountering the same thing?
    I contacted Samsung and they told me to reset the camera app. Well it didn't help.
  9. Jevans18

    Jevans18 New Member

    NO unfortunately samsung aren't to helpful like that, my problem is all sorted now. Before i took it back i was told to try resetting it back to factory (wouldn't advise) using a third party camera app, or seeing if any other apps are interfering. If it's still working it just sounds a it laggy, but if not you are going to have to take it back.
  10. floydee

    floydee New Member

    Hi. I am new to the android world. All my previous phones were from apple. I just
    got my note 2 and its been amazing :) My query is with the gallery icon on the note 2.
    I have only taken about 40 pics but each time I click the icon, it does take some time for the pics to appear. I must add here that all my facebook albums are also displayed. Is this normal?
  11. peter7769

    peter7769 Well-Known Member

    Yes this is normal, I think the delay is caused by it looking for all the Facebook albums, I have found that if I go into the gallery & then quickly go back out and in again it loads quicker. There are ways to remove the fb, albums but I prefer to have them :)
  12. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    I had the "Camera Failed" message on my S2 Skyrocket. I had to send it back and they replaced what they needed to and sent me back the same phone. Very annoying process since I was without a phone.
  13. brentvaldez01

    brentvaldez01 New Member

    Same as mine only display black screen then it says camera failed

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