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Need Help! Can't download apps

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  1. cayennemania

    cayennemania New Member

    I have android 1.6 on my xperia 10, every time i try to download apps whether from the market or not by scanning the QR code. I get the message " you don't have the permission to access this page". anyone can help me with this problem, it's really annoying :mad:.

  2. are you sure you have an internet connection? are you on 3g or wifi?
  3. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    Have you tried testing your connection and restarting the phone?
  4. Menddles

    Menddles Guest

    If all that doesn't work try logging into google talk. I couldn't download or update any apps but after reading the market place help section all I had to do is sign in to talk.

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