Need help-Convert/put movies from external onto phone

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  1. sfkid

    sfkid Member

    So i have a problem, i have a shit load of movies on my external hard drive (most in .avi & .mp4), i would like to put a couple of movies on my phone (Mytouch 4g 2.2.1) to occupy some time at work. i tried dragging the movies from my external and dropping them in my sd card into the folder media>videos; but had no success. Could you please tell me step by step what i have to do in order to succeed at this? I already have flash app installed, that probably doesn't even matter. Im guessing i have to convert the files-let me know please. And thanks in advance.

    P.S-if i do how to convert what program/app should i download on desktop or phone. again thnx.

  2. As I searched in Googel, it said that the video player in MyTouch 4G handles a wide range of codecs, including H.264 and DIVX/XVID, up to 720p resolution. Maybe some video with different code and result to your mobile phone can not replay it. Maybe you can try to use ***** free MP4 Converter to convert some can not replay videos to MP4 format with H.264 code, and then drag into that folder to try.
  3. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    If videos are not playing on the phone, you can convert them using for example Handbrake.
    Open the video, select "Universal" present and convert. Then move the converted file to the phone and play there.
  4. sfkid

    sfkid Member

    Ok so ive converted a movie to h.264 and now have them under my videos when i open up my gallery. But now when i open my media player and click video the following message pops up "sorry......The application Media Room (process com.real.IMP) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force close"
    How do i fix this, starting to annoy me . oh btw thanks to brucew0617 and usta
  5. How much the resolution and the size of your video? I guess the free RAM is not enough to your application to replay this video. You can try to reduce the size and resolution of your videos and close some running apps. BTW, I haven't used this mobile phone, and I don't know if this app is original media player in MyTouch 4G.
  6. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Get the Vplayer from the market and try to play that video.

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