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need help deleting call log and favoritesSupport

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  1. jerryh

    jerryh New Member

    hello everyone.i just got my first android phone,a samsung admire.I cant seem to delete individual calls from the call log only the entire log.I also cant delete any of the favorites from the list.thanks in advance for the help

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Favorites are simply the most called numbers on your call log.
    You cannot remove individual calls from your call log.

    My advice, stop sneaking around. If she doesn't find out when she looks at your phone then she will eventually. ;)
  3. care2be

    care2be New Member

    Just press on # in phonelog & options will pop up.
  4. rob1966

    rob1966 New Member

    if you have a samsung admire you can erase the call log one at a time. all you need to do is to hold down on the one you want to erase and a drop box will appear and you can pick erase call.
  5. Shamir

    Shamir Member

    OP it's actually relatively easy and from my personal experience you can do this in any Android phone.

    Go to Call Log > find the number you want to delete > hold down (1.2-1.7 secs) a popup options box will come up and "Remove from call log"...

    Regarding the "favorites" calls I honestly don't have a clue if they can be removed I've tried and given up. :D hope I helped.
  6. Uriel707

    Uriel707 Well-Known Member

    Hold On To The Number You Want To Delete And Click Delete.
  7. snakedentist

    snakedentist New Member

    Deleting from favorites is easy in my Sony Neo V on gingerbread - just go that contact and uncheck favorite check box (star in my case) and it will disappear from the favorites box.

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