Need help deodexing systemui.apk

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  1. Qpid1977

    Qpid1977 New Member

    I've been able to use baksmali to deodex some of the files from /system and /framework, but when I try to deodex systemui.odex, I get the following bootclass path error:

    Error occured while loading boot class path files. Aborting.
    org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath$ClassNotFoundException: Could not find sup
    erclass Landroid/backup/IRestoreSession$Stub;
    at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath$ClassDef.loadSuperclass(ClassPa
    at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath$ClassDef.<init>(
    at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath.loadClassDef(
    at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath.initClassPath(
    at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath.InitializeClassPathFromOdex(Cla
    at org.jf.baksmali.baksmali.disassembleDexFile(
    at org.jf.baksmali.main.main(
    Error while loading class Lcom/android/server/BackupManagerService$RestoreSessio
    n; from file .\
    Error while loading ClassPath class Lcom/android/server/BackupManagerService$Res

    With most of the deodexing, the bootclass path error is referencing an obvious .jar or .odex, but this one has me baffled. I've tried using any .jar or .odex I can find that remotely references backup, but no luck.

    Any ideas?

  2. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

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  3. totalrecarl

    totalrecarl Well-Known Member

    So, I feel like I'm seeing a trend emerging. This phone is a decent buy, prepaid spec.-wise, but is a huge pain in the ass to develop on. I was very eager to upgrade to the Optimus Elite after I saw the great things Jerry was able to do with the V. I looked at the specs and thought it was a no-brainer. You have appeared to win this one LG/Virgin....
  4. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Once there is a working recovery, things will start to happen. Unfortunately when it takes this long to get started, excitement will have waned.

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