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  1. collette

    collette Member

    I can't seem to UNcheck the box to disable the unlock pattern. Please tell me there's a way as I am now sick of having the draw the pattern. :eek:

  2. digitized

    digitized Active Member

    Is this on the droid? Try changing the code, then disabling it.
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  3. collette

    collette Member

    It worked! I changed the code and then disabled! Yee Haw! Thanks! You're a life saver! I would have never thought of that in a million years. ~Collette
  4. Chief Wahoo

    Chief Wahoo Member

    It sounds like you found your answer which is great.

    I was going to post that in Applications - Screen Unlock Pattern - deselect the "Require Pattern" and then you won't need to draw the pattern, but from your post a bit ago, you have found a resolution that works. Glad to hear it.
  5. collette

    collette Member

    I think I tried deselecting and then not re-drawing the pattern but I got hung up because if I remember correctely, it didn't allow me to go any further other than "back" which did nothing to help. hmmmm I could be wrong but I dare not try it again for fear that I will be stuck once again. :)
  6. MWild

    MWild New Member

    THANK!THANKS!THANKS! to Digitized for this info on disabling the draw pattern. I tried for an entire day and couldn't disable the draw pattern until I read your post. Again, THANKS!
  7. ktrock

    ktrock New Member

    Hmm... this is an old thread but where are we disabling the screen unlock? Is it Location & Security --> Set Screen Lock? I created/changed a PIN and disabled screen lock but is not working. Maybe this trick doesn't work anymore.

  8. senthil verl

    senthil verl New Member

    I am having Samsung Galaxy Tab my 7 years old son locked the pattern and he is blinking now.Please help me to unlock the Tab. Senthil Verl,Kumbakonam
  9. Cameron stubbs

    Cameron stubbs New Member

    how do i unlock my android tablet v1.7.4 i forgot the pattern because someone saw me write it so i changed it soon as i got home then i forgot it and then after so many times trying i went on forgotten your password and im now stuck on need a google account
  10. sykes

    sykes New Member

    hey guys i have this ployer model:m988 some chinese thing and it does not give any options for a google account or says unlock pattern, i try 5 times it then says you have to wait 30 seconds before you try again and i have been going through this literally thousnds of times. damn this thing to hell please help

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