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Need help! Droid troubles...

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  1. magicalpony

    magicalpony New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 3, 2010
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    Ok...so, I've had this droid for abour a month. I bought it off a guy from craiglist. It was straight from the box and the guy said he had a week but wanted the new iphone instead. It had a few little hiccups, but nothing too big. Now, with the newest update, I've literally lost the abilitly to send and receive sms and mms messages. Everytime I go to send a text, I get a force close thingy and I lose all signal. Same happens when I do basically anything. Like now, while writing this, I've had a few of those warnings and loss of signal. I reset everything to factory settings and still nothing.

    I'm going to go to the store first thing in the morning, I just want to know if this is just my phone or if other are having this trouble. If you have had this problem and fixed it yourself, let me know!

    Sorry if this is out of place...I'm new.

  2. sitlet

    sitlet Banned

    Apr 11, 2010
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    Try a hard reset first, that usually fixes glitches like that.

    If not, I'm not sure about Verizon's warranty. I dont know if the warranty if transferrable when the phone is sold, but I doubt it. That's the risk you take by buying used phones.

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