Need Help Flashed U8100 into U8150...

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  1. farazafs

    farazafs New Member


    I was flashed U8100-9 firmware into U8150 IDEOS, and after than Ambient Light Sensor, WiFi and USB Debug Mode not working, I want to reflash U8150 firmware again but when I was going for update it give me Update Failed error, Help me what can I do know...

  2. thel8elvis

    thel8elvis Well-Known Member

    How did you attempt to re-flash ?

    Like this ?
    2. In the SD card root directory, create a new folder named dload. Take the extracted upgrade file, UPDATE.APP, and copy it to the dload folder.
    3. Insert the SD card into the mobile phone.
    4. When the mobile phone is powered off, press the Volume +, End, and Power keys at the same time to initiate the forced upgrade.

    And it failed ?
  3. ardfank

    ardfank New Member

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