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  1. chairchair

    chairchair New Member

    hello there, i am new to android platform but my project requires me to create an application that can get signal from a device. but that device stores the data in batch file... but how can i open a batch file in Android phone?? :( Please help me! :confused:

  2. jiminaus

    jiminaus Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by a batch file? The standard meaning of a batch file is this one here: Batch file - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Where is this file? On the device? If so, how is the device connected to the Android device?
  3. chairchair

    chairchair New Member

    hello, thanks for replying :)
    well, actually we are working on a EEG headset and we wish to link the EEG and Android... However we just couldnt get any idea of how to do so. :/ The EEG headset signal can be acquired by a window-based software called BCI2000 (in batch file), and the signals can be processed using Python. then, Python can run in Android as well but how can python on the phone run a .bat file? we are so confused...
  4. chairchair

    chairchair New Member

    In order for python on android(we are using SL4A) to execute the bat file, we need to get the bat file onto can we run/open the batch file on android? Thanks a lot :)

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