Need help for rooting tablet Akron TabTen

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  1. Destiny64

    Destiny64 Member

    I would like to ask for help about how to root my tablet Akron TabTen...I am looking for info for more then 3 weeks but cant find anything . Idc spec for roms but i wanna root it to have rooted access. Will be so txful if some1 can help me .

    Ty in advance!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hopefully you can read Russian.

    A Google search for Akron TabTen gives quite a few sites about that device. But they all appear to be in Russian, including what looks like rooting info. I guess this is a tablet intended for Russia.
  3. Destiny64

    Destiny64 Member

    No i cant read Russian and is Chinese tablet sadly ... but ty ill look now... hmm not show at me anything .. can u link or something ?
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Having another look, it's not rooting info. It looks like someone on a forum might be requesting rooting or some other info. No replies though.
    Akron TabTen root (
    Although it seems to be Bulgarian rather than Russian, as I first thought. All the other Google results seemed to be sales sites in Bulgaria or Russia.

    I guess the Akron is a Chinese device, that's distributed primarily in eastern Europe? Problem with Chinese devices from brands that no one has ever heard of, is that there is little or no information on them.
  5. Destiny64

    Destiny64 Member

    He he I tough so but i was hoping some1 who actually know how this things works can help out with idea :) Tablet isn't exp but so far i am rly happy using it .. everything i ever tried to run on ir works good .. the only problem is when i full the memory around 90% start to freeze from time to time but im not sure if is bcuz is full or some apps conflict

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