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Need help from Thunderbolt, Desire HD and Incredible 2 owners

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  1. One Side

    One Side Member

    EDIT: Issue has been resolved: check out this post for more info.

    Hey everyone,

    I recently released a game (Drawdle, see the thread here) that runs great on most phones, but I've received reports that it runs poorly on Thunderbolt, Desire HD and Incredible 2 phones (older phones seem to work fine, strangely).

    I think I have fixed the issue, but unfortunately I don't have access to these phones to test it out. If you have one of the above phones and can spare a minute, please try out the APK below and let me know if the game is playable or laggy. You can usually tell right away on the main screen.

    Thank you! :)

  2. pker6954

    pker6954 New Member

    I just downloaded on incredible 2 and seems to be working great.
  3. avgarrison

    avgarrison New Member

    Thank you for the wonderful write-up on your blog! I am excited to try out your suggestion. I too am using some GL_LINES OpenGL calls. I guess the HTC Thunderbolt is using a software implementation (i.e. SLOW) for these OpenGL functions?

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