Need help getting files from SD to PCTips

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  1. wlquinn

    wlquinn New Member

    Any way to do this with no USB? Someone has my laptop, and the one I have, USB is broke. (yeah, I feel naked). I'm selling my phone and need to get the 3,000+ songs off and pics/video of my son. Thanks.

  2. mdram

    mdram Well-Known Member

    but a new sd card and put in it, keep the old
  3. NiceGuysFinishLast

    NiceGuysFinishLast Well-Known Member

    wifi file manager pro in the market will let you transfer files... It'll take freakin' forever though. Like the guy above me said you're better off just buying a new card or taking $15 off the selling price, and telling the buyer to get their own.
  4. wlquinn

    wlquinn New Member

    I said it came with a 16GB card, that is what sucks.

    Define "forever"? I've got all afternoon.
  5. mdram

    mdram Well-Known Member

    16gb runs @ $20

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