Need help in Testing Android OS (Not application)

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  1. abjt

    abjt New Member

    Hi ..
    Its NOT testing application. I need to test Android OS on a particular Chipset.
    Our team is porting the Google's provided os on the Chipset.]
    We need to test each functionality.
    Now, I need help on testing the Multimedia, Connectivity etc.
    We will be doing automation but we dont have any framework and none of us know Robotium.
    Can anybody provide help on how should we go for testing. We know little about Python.

    One more thing, we need to do Robustness testing (Repetitive tasks to check Systems robustness, say playing a video file 1000times with audio file running in the background) . Which tool can be used for that. (Not GUI based pattern matching tools, )

    Any Help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance!!!

  2. abjt

    abjt New Member

    Guys!!! Anybody there
  3. abjt

    abjt New Member

  4. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, you probably won't find much help with that here. This forum's dev section is geared more towards app development. You might try creating a thread over at XDA Developers.

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