Need HELP: Mobilicity/Canadian SPICE XT300 recoverySupport

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  1. spicyXT

    spicyXT New Member


    Android newbie here, so please bear with me. :eek: I have an unlocked, rooted Motorola SPICE XT300 from CHINA. It doesn't have Android Market on it (Market is blocked in China for some reason?) so I was told that I need to flash my phone with the Canadian Mobilicity firmware since it comes with Market.

    If I understand correctly, I need an file from someone's Mobilicity SPICE XT300. Then I would need to save the to my SD card and load it from the Recovery Boot option.

    Is this right? If so, could someone please post an for Mobilicity?

    Thanks!!! :D


  2. LeSong

    LeSong New Member

    same problem here .. guys please some help :(
  3. issidiq

    issidiq New Member

    So i got a motorola spice just week ago and unlocked it to Fido.
    I was wondering if some one can help me.

    For me, i cant seem to get the caller ID going. Im getting "Unknown" or "pay phone" instead of their name and its frustrating.

    Not only that, but how do i save contacts to SIM or PHONE?

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