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  1. CAHeidiS

    CAHeidiS New Member

    Need some help, I have read through and have not found any solutions, if its out there I applogize!

    So here is the scoop, I have a Verizon HTC incredible 2 (love it!) and I unlocked it to use on my att account.. Worked great making calls and texting from home.... left my house today and found out that I have no data access outside of my home wifi

    So stuck the sim back into my iphone and ran my errands blabla, when I had a chance to do some research I found the AP settings to manually enter, so when I put the Sim card back into the droid It does not see the att network anymore.. I have made sure I switched to GSM mode I check and it says sim is unlocked... I even tried a heard rest and start all over.. I t just gets no signal

    While searching for a setting to fix, I got an error... If I go to the gsm settings, when I try to open that I get the error : Network or sim card error If i put the sim card back into the iphone it works great! I am stumped! It worked a couple hours ago! Uggg

    Anyone had this issue?


  2. Boris_yo

    Boris_yo Active Member

    I am also interested to know answer.
  3. mihneagabriel

    mihneagabriel Well-Known Member

    Insert your Sim card the other way.

    This error is caused when the card is inserted wrong. make sure the metal part on the card is facing down and if it's giving you the error with the clipped corner toward the top, flip it so it's toward the bottom and vice versa
  4. Tammy Lovelace

    Tammy Lovelace New Member

    Network error on my droid incredible II Keeps popping up? Can anyone help me out?

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