need help on rooting xt555c Motorola

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  1. metalcorpse

    metalcorpse New Member

    Okay guys I've tried almost everything....i bought this today and searching up and down for 6 hours straight...I've used z4root, gingerbread 2.3.7, superone, and poot. Nothing worked the most i got into it was it froze. Soooo i really do need help. Information is right here....information, guides, anything will help thanks.

    Motorola defy XT
    Model number: XT555C
    Android version: 2.3.7
    Base band version: PCR
    Kernel version: Apps_2.6.38.6-perf
    Build number: 1_67D_1014
    Lens type: Green
    Provider: straight talk

  2. Skeptic_Poet

    Skeptic_Poet New Member

    I have the same phone having the same problems. Pretty much a lazy bum. Need step by step instructions! :D

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